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Our staff works tirelessly to meet the needs of all learners in our welcoming and diverse school of-choice setting. Our school’s commitment to excellence rings loud and clear through:

  •  High academic standards that promote excellence.

  • Small class sizes (class size is an average of 20 per course) 

  • Innovative scheduling, including 8:25 am start times and three hours of scheduled academic support, weekly 

  • High speed wireless internet, building-wide

  • More than 125 state-of-the-art laptops and three computer labs 

  • A safe and nurturing environment built on a foundation of character education and individualized academic supports

  •  A fiscally sound Board of Education dedicated to supporting the Madison Difference




Did you know Rochester College





Career and Technical Education Certificates:

Students in the Construction technology curriculum earn their national industry certification (NCCER) and are qualified in the construction trades. Read more about it in our online brochure   and discover why families in the Tri-County Metropolitian Detroit Area choose Madison High School! 


Madison High School will have a revised bell schedule for the 2015-16 school year .  This schedule will allow our students more time for individual teacher-student tutoring and enrichment. First bell will now be at 8:25 a.m. First period will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. The fifth and final period will end at 3:06 p.m. Classes will be 68 minutes. Family Advocacy System (FAS) will run Tuesdays, from 7:25 a.m. to 8:25 a.m. for all students. 


 Parents are asked to sign the weekly progress reports Every Monday found in the Student Agenda/Planner, in order to check the grades of their students.  Student progress reports are to be shared with the Family Advocacy Teacher every Tuesday morning. Family Advocacy Class begins at 7:25 am and ends at 8:20 am on Tuesday's only. 

Tutoring- Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Morning:

All teachers are available to tutor students or provide enrichment learning opportunities every W-F from 7:20-8:20 am. Progress reports. Please be sure to check and sign the weekly student progress report to determine which teacher the student will visit for tutoring services. 

Schedule of upcoming emergency drills: School Drill Schedule



This year's student corp renovated local parks and helped maintain/repair facilities in the district. Last year's corp (pictured below) renovated Rosie's Park and presented their work to GM Executives. GM Student Corps 2

ABOVE: Principal Dan Gilbertson and the GM Student Corps on the Detroit Riverwalk.

  GM Student corps  

ABOVE: The 2013 GM Student Corps poses at Rosie's Park, after spending the summer renovating facilities there.


Led by teacher Pete Dalton, more than 50 MHS students earned national industry certification through Madison's Building Trades program. Students learned roofing, electrical, flooring,  and dry wall installation skills. In addition, students built picnic tables (pictured below) and Adirondack chairs for sale.  

building trades 2



2013-14 marked the first year of Madison's new student-produced online scholastic news website, the Madison Aquilla. The publication was honored with two awards. Vahan Issa earned 1st Place in the Informative Feature category. Jennifer Nguyen and Kindra Carter earned Honorable Mention in the News Analysis category. The awards were presented at MIPA's annual Spring Conference, April 22, in Lansing (pictured below).

MIPA (1)


 To Access MI Star: 



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